The Fall of Noman – Awakenings

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Robert Bishop – Awakenings

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Lind’sei Baydridge has been plagued by feverish rage, night terrors and crushing loneliness ever since her father was brutally murdered. He never taught her to keep her H’arian beast at bay, and now her rage is threatening to swallow her. Lind’sei isn’t the only one who has experienced loss, though.
Help comes unexpected when a group of swords for hire track her down and start asking questions about her most recent violent outburst. Trying to still the voices in her head, she set out to find some answers, only to find more questions.
“There is evil within you,” someone once told her. It turns out they were right . . .

Awakenings is the first book in The Fall of Noman series, which will span five or six books. It details the ‘awakening’ of Lind’sei, as it were, and tells of her struggle to overcome the animal inside. This is a rite of passage for all H’arians, but one she sorely missed out on due to her father’s drinking and subsequent murder. All hope seems lost when one of her oldest friends lure her out to the old lighthouse in order to complete a sinister ritual. In the aftermath, Lind’sei finds it impossible to trust anyone, let alone herself. But when a group of swords for hire wants her to join them, another H’arian woman offer her a reprieve from the turmoil inside. Of course, on the journey westward, everything in Lind’sei’s life changes forever . . .

It isn’t what we see that frighten us . . . it’s what we do not.

One thought on “The Fall of Noman – Awakenings

  1. This is it, the book that sparked back my love for reading.
    Starting from the creative characters, giving a nice guideline on how they look but leaving room to imagine your own variation of them. The personalities, the character development, and how we get to slowly learn about them is absolutely wonderful.
    The setting is in its own world, having both modern day and old day long gone style, giving so many ways you could imagine the world setting.
    And don’t get me started on the plot – so rich and vast with many twists and turns and hidden points that linger in your head until you find answers.
    Definitely going to recommend this book to my friends, it’s absolutely in my top 5!

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