It’s not elitism!

Elitist? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa...?!

And the fish was, like totally, this big!

Recently I’ve been doing something kinda strange (for me, at least). I’ve been surfing Metacritic a lot, going through reviews for things that don’t really interest me. The latest focus of this un-interest has been David Guetta’s new album, ‘Listen’. Personally, I can’t stand David Guetta or any of the music he touches, but I must say that I got a lot more respect for the genre as I read the reviews for this album (and the one before). The reviews were all overwhelmingly negative – surprise, surprise – but the way they were written indicated a love for the genre, and involved a deeper discourse than I’d expected. (My bad, I suppose)

I’ve been called elitist many times, when it comes to both music, video games, movies and books. Sometimes it’s deserved, sometimes it’s completely unwarranted and most times it’s because the other part really don’t understand what elitism is. I think the problem is that I talk passionately about these things, and in my affection – or lack thereof – I get swept up in large words and sweeping gestures. I suppose, in the end, I can come off as a little condescending. This happens to reviewers a lot to, I’d imagine. In order to describe something as subjective as art, you’ll have to take some liberties; but that doesn’t necessarily make that person elitist.

Do I believe the music I listen to / movies I watch / books I read, are somehow better than what others consume?
No, I do not!
Do I think other people are somehow ‘beneath’ me, for not liking the same things I do?
No, I do not!

So if I’m not elitist, then what the hell am I?
I am simply a man with taste!
(Please allow me to elaborate before you bring out the pitchforks!)

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