One Thousand

Another short-story is up and running.

This one is set in The Valley of a Thousand Snakes, far west in Noman. Seld Griffiths, a braham (outisder) is trying to prove his worth with the Akash Brotherhood, crafting explosives and duelling. It turns out he is far better extracting poison from Snakes, though. Things complicate when Seld starts sleeping with Prince Iben, who’s to be married to the beautiful Alyssha in only four short weeks.

It’s a good thing he’s comfortable around snakes…


Read, enjoy, and leave a comment below if you feel like it. (The book is clickable, if you were wondering)

– Sincerely, Bishop

2 thoughts on “One Thousand

    • Hi, Marla, thank you very much!
      Yes, I do make my own covers. The ones for the short-stories are mostly just stock, though, with a little editing and such. (Don’t want to spend more time on the cover than on writing the thing.)
      But the one for “Awakenings” (and the potential ones for my future books) are all mine. Actually, that eye belongs to my wife.
      When all the editing is done, I’ll probably renew the cover somewhat. Make it in the same style, only without the contact lens and such.

      I really fell in love with the “Relative Malice” cover. It’s simple, yet extremely dramatic, and just pulls you in.
      That book is going on my shelf as soon as I get my next paycheck! (That’s based on the blurb and the preview as well, of course)

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