Another novella! (And a few minor updates)

So it seems at this point; I’ll do anything to avoid revision work . . . which means I’m pretty much writing away on anything that isn’t my book.

After a short foray into science fiction, my feet are once again planted in the world of Noman. It all began as a joke with a friend, who has these scrabble pieces on his fridge. Every time I’m visiting, I’m playing around with those things, to the point of absurdity. Long story short, I wrote down eleven silly names, and then said I’d write a short-story about them. And then I did. This time, we follow the life of a young boy named Theden, who after a certain string of events, has the sudden urge not to die. It’s a tale of love, revenge and all those classic clichés, with a heavier Greek tragedy flavor than anything I’ve written. (Click the book to read . . . you know how this works.)

Happy reading, and be sure to leave me some feedback in the comments, whether you like the novella or not! (Minor updates follows below)

Robert Bishop - The Boy who Decided not to DieRobert Bishop - The Boy who Decided not to Die

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Second revision done!

Well, that’s it! The second revision – or rewrite, rather – of the brick ‘Awakenigs’ has become is done! As of right now, it clocks in on 408 A4 pages, containing 237 825 words. Too much? That’s for you to decide, I can’t be bothered to read that thing… (Yes, I’m kidding.)

(Without blurb)

I’m still a few revisions and a professional edit away from being done, but for all intents and purposes, that’s the finished product up there. If I retain my health and sanity, Awakenings will be released this side of 2014.  For the time being, you can get it for free, though. (AND with the added bonus of tearing the author a new one if you don’t like it.) I won’t spam this revision very much, because honestly I’d prefer it if you all buy the finished product instead.

Still, feedback is key to writing something that works, so I’ll listen carefully to every piece of it I get. Your notes, if pertinent, will make it into the final product, and you will get credited. Even as slim as the chances are (I’m a realist), if I do make it big, you’ll regret not getting your name in there!

Click the book (right in the eye!), to read it in the browser, or right click + “save as” to download.

Good reading! – Bishop.

Peculiar Research!

First of all, let me just get this out of the way:
So I was doing my usual Google routine the other day, researching various stuff for my book. (Now that I think about it, it was done quite similar to the video above, with snappy music playing as I scrolled through various newspapers and books.)

This particular time, I was trying to find out what human flesh tastes like. I guess I could’ve done some field research as well, but I don’t think that would be very popular. Asking on twitter would’ve been another solution, but I have a funny feeling people would unsubscribe if someone answered; “They taste like chicken, quite delicious, really! Try with some mushroom sauce as well, and potatoes on the side. Oh, and find someone young, because old people-” You get where I’m going with this.

So anyway, this whole ordeal got me thinking; in today’s angst-ridden, terrorist-fearing, big-brother-is-watching type society: Can we possibly get away with researching anything we want?

What if you’re writing a novel along the lines of Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum, with corrupt governments, homemade bombs and planes crashing into other planes crashing into five-sided buildings? What if your hero is a suburban housewife suddenly set upon by waves of drug-crazed hobos, and she desperately needs to get her hands on a fully loaded M4 carbine Assault Rifle. Maybe it’s 8:00 a.m on a Sunday morning, and your lead character’s crazy kids decide to Anthrax-prank someone – but you don’t know what that stuff looks like! (Or where to get it…)

In my experience – and yours, I truly hope – the worse a crime or act is, the less I know about it. Not that I’m such a goody two-shoes, but I generally avoid killing, maiming or bombing in my daily life. The answer in today’s modern society is, of course, the internet!

Coming soon!

Well, I’ve finally made my way onto the internet. As you’ve probably guessed, my name is Robert Bishop; and I’m the creator of The Fall of Noman series. For the past four years I’ve been working on “Awakenings”, the first book in the series. The book is currently going through its second revision, and I plan to post chapters here for feedback once I’m done. I’ve also been writing drafts for part two – “Frostbites” and part three – “A Hole in the World”.
In addition, I’ve written several short stories, among them, “Breaking in Twa”, which will be made available on this very site soon.

AwakeningsBreaking in Twa

Take a look around and get to know me a little better, leave a comment or just browse! In the days to come I will post various chapters from my work here, updates on my writing process and occasional thoughts regarding nothing at all.

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook:

– Sincerely, Bishop