Another novella! (And a few minor updates)

So it seems at this point; I’ll do anything to avoid revision work . . . which means I’m pretty much writing away on anything that isn’t my book.

After a short foray into science fiction, my feet are once again planted in the world of Noman. It all began as a joke with a friend, who has these scrabble pieces on his fridge. Every time I’m visiting, I’m playing around with those things, to the point of absurdity. Long story short, I wrote down eleven silly names, and then said I’d write a short-story about them. And then I did. This time, we follow the life of a young boy named Theden, who after a certain string of events, has the sudden urge not to die. It’s a tale of love, revenge and all those classic clichés, with a heavier Greek tragedy flavor than anything I’ve written. (Click the book to read . . . you know how this works.)

Happy reading, and be sure to leave me some feedback in the comments, whether you like the novella or not! (Minor updates follows below)

Robert Bishop - The Boy who Decided not to DieRobert Bishop - The Boy who Decided not to Die

The road ahead

So with that over with, I’m currently working on four things: Fall, the sequel to my sci-fi novella Rise; Privileged, an old-new short-story; Frostbites, my second book; and, of course, the final revision of Awakenings – my first book.

My number one priority is getting my damn book on the shelves. Digital shelves, as it were, but physical copies will be available. I’m going to do my damnedest to have it done and out by summer. (Yes, this summer.) I’d like to thank you all (you know who you are) for sticking with me this long. Your patience will soon be rewarded (I hope), and you’ll have a copy fresh off the press in your very hands. A select few of you have heard me yammer on about this thing for seven years now, it’s time to bother the rest of the world as well.

My second and third priories are the two novellas/short-stories. Fall is well underway, with roughly two out of six chapters done, while Privileged lags behind at two pages, but most of the plot already written down. I might be able to have them out and about within the summer, but currently all my efforts will go towards the release of Awakenings.

Robert Bishop - FallPrivilegedThe Fall of Noman - Awakenings

That’s about it! I’ll admit the current state of the world is pissing me off a little bit these days as well, so I might just post a few rants/thoughts/pieces to get things off my chest. Either way, things are happening, and I’m excited to share them with you, no matter how many or few you are!

Sincerely, Bishop

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