I’m not dead!

Just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and hard at work! Most of you probably won’t care all that much, but as long as no one is downright disappointed, I’ll take it as a win! Most ‘writer’ sites will have you believe that you need to blog at least once a week if you’re going to succeed in this line of work, which makes me about 59 weeks overdue. Oh well.

I don’t mean to sound sour or anything; they might be right for all I know. I’m planning to post more in the future, but for the time being I have my hands pretty god damn full with other things.

This post/update/newsflash/whatever serves three purposes (purposi?): It helps me get my affairs in order before the new year hits; it gives you all an update on what I’ve been doing and where Frostbites is; and it serves as a kind of ‘new beginning’ for myself and this site. (Did I really just write that? Ugh!)

That’s write (harr, harr, harr) folks! Robert is going to try something he’s never tried before: He’s going to work harder and be more structured when it comes to his writing! (He’s also going to stop addressing himself in the third person.) I have like, two or three readers now, as well as a writing gig on the side, so I need to step up my game. As many of you know, something strange and wonderful happened right around my previous blog post, and that is my sole excuse for delaying Frostbites and everything else:

Scary, wonderful, breath taking and time consuming!


So that little creature up there is fast approaching 16 months, which means he’s getting quite good at entertaining himself. This gives me a few pockets of time here and there, and if I really apply myself I’m able to use them well and get shit done. Hopefully that means you’ll be seeing a lot more ‘By Robert Bishop’ in 2018.
That doesn’t mean nothing happened in 2017, however! I’ve been doing a ton of writing, I just haven’t been able to talk that much about it.

For starters, I’m writing for a Norwegian game development company called Pineleaf studio. We’re currently working on a cooperative strategy game called DwarfHeim, and I’m in charge of the lore, story and campaign of the game. As you can probably imagine, that’s a pretty tall order, so to get a feel of the game world – Agartha – I’ve written some novellas set in the DwarfHeim universe. The first of these – The Wall – can be found right here! The others will be released as we draw closer to the game’s release. There will be four in total; one for each of the dwarven clans represented in the game.


I’ve also written another book that isn’t Frostbites . . .

Yes, you read that right. Instead of finishing Frostbites, I’ve written another book. So what? George R.R. Martin does it all the time! In all seriousness though, it’s only 40 000 words, compared to approximately 200 000 for Frostbites. (Awakenings is 240 000, which is entirely too much.) The book is called Empress and is set in Noman. The first draft is complete and I’ve printed a physical copy that I’m currently revising. It should release around February if all goes according to plan.

Lastly; I have been working on Frostbites as well. It’s a monster, but I’m just shy of 60 A4 pages from being done. (With the first draft, mind you.) I don’t expect revisions to be as time consuming and arduous as they were with Awakenings, but a 2018 release window might be slightly optimistic. Still, I should have something readable out there before summer.

Some of what I’ve finished in 2017

That’s about it!
Thank you for your continuing support and interest. Like I said earlier, I’ll try to be more active in 2018. I have about a million drafts for blog posts, so might as well write them up.

– Robert Bishop


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