Yep, that's me.

This is how I look – can’t really do much about it.


I started creating fantasy worlds and universes in my early teens, and devising new narratives, settings and locations quickly became an obsession. Like with most teens, it was a way to escape the mundane trappings of daily life. Thus, most of my early stories featured me as the protagonist and were set in slightly modified versions of my life. There was, however, a second reason; world building. More than anything, I loved creating worlds and universes. I would sit at night (always at night, for some reason), writing page up and page down by hand, expanding on the mythos of my universes.  Of course, this eventually bled into role-playing, which is how the world of Noman was created in 1999.

Role-playing wasn’t really my scene, though, so I soon focused my efforts on writing instead. The Fall of Noman remains my main project, but I’ve also written several short stories, including “Breaking in Twa”, “One Thousand” and “Rise”. Most of these are set in the same universe as the Fall of Noman series, but with vastly different timelines and settings. Lately, I’ve also wandered into the world of science fiction, and in late 2012, I begun writing a few short stories  set in and around the galaxy of Alexandria. Hopefully, some of these will see the light of day before summer hits.

These days, one should be careful with calling one’s work “gritty” or “realistic”. In my experience, people will either think everything is angst-ridden and dark, or they’ll think you’re ripping off George R.R Martin. But still I still can’t deny; my genre is, and always will be, dark fantasy. The same goes for my science fiction. Personally, I love both high fantasy and space opera, I just prefer the “edge” that dark fantasy delivers. My writing style can be described as short, and to the point. I like to include touches of humor, both black and childish, often at the same time, but I never shy away from how brutal and rough the world can be. Gun to my head, I would probably say that my style of writing mostly resembles that of Joe Abercrombie.

Cover copy1000Awakenings_01

Like I mentioned, Noman was originally intended for role playing, and I used to spend both nights and days drawing maps of cities, forests and mountains. (All of them cursed, mystical or magical, of course). After a while, I realized the amount of detail I put into the world was too much for a simple role playing game. Most times, all the exiting stories and thrilling situations I’d created turned out to be a waste. The player would suddenly go the other way, take a left and not a right, or someone would call in the middle of a scary sequence, ruining the suspense.

So in 2008, almost eight years later, I gathered all of my documents, books and drawings, and began work on The Fall of Noman series. To create a coherent narrative out of my work had always been a dream of mine, and with the completion of “Awakenings” in 2011, I was suddenly one step closer. The book is currently going through its final revision, and chapters will be made available right here as work progresses. In early 2012, I also begun writing the second book in the series; “Frostbites”. Book three, “A Hole in The World” and book four “Prisoner 489” have also been mapped out.

In other words; I have a busy future ahead of me…


In short; I’m an avid gamer, avid watcher of movies and TV-shows, and a far less avid reader than I would like to be. (But I’m getting there). I’ve been using my imagination as a tool for as long as I can remember, working regularly with movies, music and writing. I’m happily married, I’ve written 104 songs and directed a full-length film. I grew up with cats, then I had none and now I have one. I’ve sung in a choir, traveled a little and stayed home a lot. I have a thing for hair, names and as you’ve probably guessed; eyes. (That’s mine down there).

I was born in ’86, so some people will probably claim I’m too young to know anything about anything, but I’ll wager I know at least a few things about something. I guess this is the place to write that I didn’t choose writing; it chose me, but that would be a load of crap. Like I mentioned, I’ve been doing creative work my entire life, taping radio-shows on my Disney-cassettes as a kid and making rap-songs on my Casio keyboard. Later, I started playing synthesizer in a band, before moving on to the piano. It was roughly at this time I started making movies; scripting, directing and starring. (This is starting to read like the biography of a porn-star isn’t it?) It wasn’t until 2008 I started writing properly, but it was the thing that stuck. I still make tons of music (some of it will probably be linked to here, sooner or later), and I still have a few friends I script with – but writing is the most manageable, most creative and by far the most fun way to express oneself.

In conclusion, I’m a writer at heart, and I pour every bit as much of my soul, even more, into my writing as I do with everything else. Oh, and of course I’m a coffee addict, like most would-be writers.


Roar 02

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